What Products Should You Buy On Cyber Monday 2017?

Cyber Monday

Personally, I want to get the best bang for my buck on Cyber Monday. I’m looking for gifts for the whole family – my wife and two kids – and maybe a few things for myself. After all, this is the best time to buy!

I take care of my holiday shopping list early. There’s no last minute running around. Instead of stressing, I get to relax with my family and enjoy the holidays.

How do I make the most of Cyber Monday? By having a plan. I break my shopping down into categories and find the best deals I can.

This year, I want to share my plan with you. Hopefully it will help you find all the things you’re looking for.

Check out this list of what to buy on Cyber Monday 2017.

1. Laptops

Laptops are some of the best deals you can find on Cyber Monday. According to Deal News, there are more laptop discounts on Cyber Monday than there are on Black Friday.

These deals aren’t just the best in terms of prices, but the quality of laptops offered on Cyber Monday tend to be better as well. These discounts tend to focus on mid-tier machines – not the entry-level ‘bargain’ technology that many retailers offer on Black Friday.

Get the right laptop on Cyber Monday. Students can use a simple computer for studying – something like the Acer i3-7100. Walmart has them on sale for only $299. If you need a MacBook, Forbes can tell you the best places to get Cyber Monday deals on Apple products.

Where to Look For Laptop Deals On Cyber Monday 2017:

2. Phones

If you’re looking to upgrade your current phone, wait until this Monday. You’ll have plenty of phones to choose from. And it’s not just a great time to shop for the latest devices. You can shop around for a better phone plan, as well.

Whatever your budget, you can find exclusive Black Monday deals from phone providers. Cricket Wireless has a healthy offering of affordable phones with prepaid plans. If you want a deal on the new iPhone X or iPhone8, you can’t get it from Apple – but Business Insider tells us all the places where you can.

Where to Look For Phones Deals On Cyber Monday 2017:

3. Clothing & Apparel

Get some great additions to your winter wardrobe and prepare for the springtime. If you know what you want (and your sizes) you can’t go wrong. Clothing retailers usually have great return policies – so you can still change your mind. The last thing you want to do is fight for a fitting room on Black Friday. Wait for Cyber Monday, order your clothes and have a fashion show at home.

Shop for style and essentials. Levis offers a 40% off everything on their site – plus free shipping! And don’t forget your undergarments. Visit Victoria’s Secret  or Nordstrom for Cyber Monday deals on lingerie and underwear.

Where to Look For Clothing & Apparel Deals On Cyber Monday 2017:

4. Gift Cards

Highlighted Deals

Not sure what’s the right gift to get for someone? Let them choose for themselves with a gift card! On Cyber Monday, some retailers offer deep savings or BOGO deals on their gift cards. And when you buy a gift card on discount, you’re basically getting free money!

Have you ever waited to buy a prepaid gift card at the last minute? Pickings are slim! Get a gift card early and secure your options. Target.com offers 15% off sitewide on Cyber Monday – a great chance to get discount gift cards! For unique gift card deals, take a look at sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

Where to Look For Gift Card Deals On Cyber Monday 2017:

5. Toys

Kids can be difficult to shop for. When you shop toys on Cyber Monday, you can choose to include your kids in the process. Let them join you in your online shopping spree so they can pick out what they think they want. Just be sure to save the receipt!

Toys R Us may be your one-site stop for all your Cyber Monday Toy Deals. They have deals on dolls, bikesNerf Guns and much more!

Where to Look For Item Deals On Cyber Monday 2017:

6. Video Games & Systems

Video games aren’t just for kids! More people are playing games now than ever before. Cyber Monday gives you the chance to score on top video games titles for the PC, XBox and Playstation 4.

Want to upgrade your hardware? Dell advertises great deals for PC gamers. If you’re looking for games, titles on the Playstation Network will be up to 40% off on Cyber Monday. Checkout Microsoft.com’s deals on the XBox One – including video game and system bundles!

Where to Look For Video Games & Systems Deals On Cyber Monday 2017:

Last Minute Tips for Cyber Monday 2017

  • Research & Organize. Research the product categories you’re interested in – clothing, shoes, phones, whatever it is you want most. Save links to these products and places where you see deals. Keep this information organized in a text document or spreadsheet.
  • Focus In. If a lot of the items you want are in high demand, you may only be able to buy a few. Decide which are most important to you. Shop for those first.
  • Start Early. Wake up early on Monday and get to clicking. Check when each site’s Cyber Monday deals begin and end. Some websites start their cyber savings as early as Black Friday.
  • Stay Updated. Some stores don’t announce all of their deals until the last minute. Track the retailer’s website and social media feeds. Many Cyber Monday discounts continue into the week, so keep checking!

We all want to save time and money shopping for the holidays. Cyber Monday is when we can get the best deals from the comfort of our own home.

Do you have any Cyber Monday deals or tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this article – and that it helps you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to share this with anyone looking for what to buy on Cyber Monday 2017!

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